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Tim Ferriss is a THIEF! And you should be too.

Okay, maybe “thief” is a bit exaggerated. Tim Ferriss does steal though. He constantly borrows the ideas of others to both learn and promote himself. He learns from mentors and podcasts guests, stealing their ideas and repurposing them for his own benefit.

You should too.

Stealing the expertise, knowledge and ideas of others takes you from knowing what you can discover in one lifetime and fast tracks your understanding of the world.

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Using the absurd to be creative

And we’re going to steal a great tip from him (which he stole from Kurt Vonnegut). Taking yourself too seriously kills creativity. To break this mold we need to practice being creative. How does Tim do that?

He seeks out the absurd and creates it.

It can be something as simple as creating nonsensical instagram posts to confuse and mess around with his followers. He tries to incorporate a sense of play into his creativity, because it’s a way to “rig the game” as he likes to call it.

Imagine sitting there telling yourself to be more creative. Trying to force it is like getting in bed and trying to forceself yourself to sleep- it just stresses you out and makes you worse at the thing you’re trying to do.

Rigging the game

By ignoring the accepted conventions and norms Tim uses the leverage of his creativity against the weight of society’s expectations like a Ju-jitsu master, redirecting the wasted energy of norms to help him succeed. 

This type of creativity is what has allowed Tim to excel in life. He is able to see outcomes he wants and force them, but instead looks at the rules of the game and finds fun and creative ways to win. Using whatever rules and knowledge he has gained creatively, to create his own rigged game within what is technically possible, but not the cultural norm. “Cheating” within the rules by rigging the game.

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