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Shaan Puri explains things to me like I’m an idiot, and I love it.

What seperates a good teacher from a bad one?

Their ability to communicate concepts effectively.

Shaan is an amazing communicator. The reason he’s such an effective communicator is because he makes himself understandable. Here are two things he does REALLY well to be understood.

1. Clear Language

He explains things clearly and simply. Rather than trying to sound smart explaining a concept, he says it in terms that anyone can understand. For example, in this twitter thread he talks about how people use random math terms to sound smart. He does the opposite. He uses common language to explain complex ideas.

Bad teachers make you feel like you’re learning calculus to learn basic multiplication. Shaan teaches you how to run a business and makes you feel like you’re learning your ABCs. He does this by using clear, simple language.

The education system should take notes.

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2. Frameworks

Shaan teaches in frameworks. Rather than vaguely telling you what you should do, his frameworks give you a concrete playbook of steps to take. With examples. It’s like learning to cook from other people's recipes instead of doing a bunch of trial and error guesswork to figure it out yourself.

If you need to learn how to do something, would you rather have (A) a four step process with examples or (B) listen to someone explain the ins and outs, hope you understood, then try to distill the core process of how to do it yourself?

If you chose (B), enjoy struggling way harder than you need to in life. (A) is a better way to learn. Having frameworks as a blueprint on how to do something is like having someone to apprentice under. It teaches you the ropes quickly and then you can learn to improvise and deviate.


Both clear language and frameworks feed into Shaan’s third super power, engagement. Because what he is saying feels easy to understand, people are able to engage without much effort. Because Shaan talks like he’s just hanging out, his audiences don’t feel like they’re being force fed a lesson, just being entertained. By creating the feeling of being somewhat “low-brow” Shaan has hacked teaching. He’s made learning fun.

Lessons on how to convey your ideas

What you can take away from this is a communication lesson. Don’t try to hype up your ideas in the most complex terms imaginable. Make it simple.

If it takes too much mental effort to understand what you are saying, your audience will likely tune out. So make it simple.

The response you want is “Wow, that’s so simple and obvious”, not “Wow, that sounds really complex, you must be really smart”. Instead of trying to seem smart, you want your audience to feel smart- so explain things to them in terms an idiot would understand, simple.

Alright, time to practice. Go write your newest idea in Daily Idea. But make it simple.

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