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Marie Curie Explored the Possibilities

Marie Curie let nothing stand in her way on her quest for scientific knowledge. Not poverty, not gender norms, not dangerous work.

Her insatiable drive for knowledge led to her discovering two new periodic elements even while she had to do her laboratory work in a shed. 

What’s your excuse for not getting shit done?


While Curie had an incredibly gifted mind, her ability to persevere towards her goals sets her apart from so many others. 

Doing the bulk of her work in isolating radium in a poorly ventilated shed, she set her mind and executed in the face of obstacles. 

She even turned down lucrative offers to teach at universities. While her intellect made it possible for her to win a Nobel Peace Prize - her dedication made it a reality. 

She was pretty fucking driven.

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Sharing Freely

Marie was an early adopter of sharing gained scientific knowledge freely. You could even say she was an evangelist for open source V.01. 

Literally open source before it was cool.

None of us ever intended to make any profit out of our discovery. Thus, we didn’t apply for patents, and we always publicly announced the results of our studies as well as methods…”

She shared her ideas with the world so that others could continue to build on them and encouraged them to improve on her own work for the sake of scientific advancement.

She was a true believer in advancing humanity through scientific knowledge. Though to be fair, she did end up bringing home a nobel prize. Twice.

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