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Jay-Z’s not a Businessman, he’s a Business, Man

Is there anything Jay-Z can’t do?

Not only one of the greatest rappers of all-time, but an absolutely hustler with a portfolio of businesses.

He started off as a kid in the housing projects of New York, his hustling and rapping not only got him out of poverty- it got him on the Forbes Billionaire list.

Hustler Mentality

Jay-Z got turned down by all the major record labels when  trying to release.

So he decided to start his own.

Right now that label, ROC Nation, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but he didn’t stop there. He kept going and thinking of how he could expand. He used business as another creative outlet. An outlet for the hustler side.

Jay-Z is always planning his next move, he’s always thinking on a new way to expand his business empire. Somehow he always manages to tie it all back together though. Maybe it’s that creativity he picked up rapping.

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Building your Creative Muscles

When Jay-Z first started out rapping, he would constantly think about his lyrics.

He carried a notepad with him when he was walking around to write down rhymes he thought of.

He would memorize lyrics in his head when he didn’t have his notebook, write them down, and then he would go over them in his head again. He described it as building, like starting with just one push up and building up from there.

Starting with one idea in his head and building up.

And then adding repetition.

He thought through every idea he possibly could, so that when it came time to actually put together the lyrics he had a treasure trove of ideas just sitting in his notebook and in his mind.

It all started by writing it down for Jay-Z - What have you got to write down?

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