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How James Altucher Became An Idea Machine

James Altucher is insane and awesome.

He’s an investor, founder, hedge fund manager, podcaster, author, and has reinvented himself many times.

He’s made and lost 100s of millions and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The key to it all?

“Be an idea machine.”

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Become An Idea Machine In 1 Simple, Free Step

In just a few months, James squandered the $15 million he made from selling his company.  With just $143 in the bank, he cried himself to sleep on the floor of his empty New York apartment.

Then he turned his life around in 6 months.

How? He started exercising that idea muscle and became an Idea Machine.

There is exactly ONE step to this transformation:
Step 1: Write down 10 ideas every day.
That’s it.

The good news is that this is simple and free. The bad news is that 99% of people won’t do it.

Instead, they’ll whinge and whine about how they have no ideas, putting their own happiness and future on hold.

But not you!

So here are a few tips from James about your 10 ideas a day.

Tips For Becoming An Idea Machine

1. Do it every day.
Consistency is key.
2. 10 ideas means 10 ideas.
Not 4, not 5, not 6. 10. The first few are easy. The growth comes when you struggle.
3. They don’t have to be good
Give yourself permission to create bad or even impossible ideas. The goal isn’t to create a portfolio of perfect ideas, it’s to force yourself to start exercising your creativity. Assume 99% of your ideas will be bad.
4. Read from content from sources on 4 different topics
It may inspire you and help you connect dots between topics.

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