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Idea Abundance

Daniel Kahneman looms large. He is a giant in both psychology and economics. He won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work that helped create the field of behavioral economics, inexorably linked psychology and economics together.

He probably values his own ideas pretty highly, right?


Abundance Framework

He thinks of his ideas from an abundance framework. He thinks there is no shortage of ideas. So for him ideas are easy come, easy go.

“Being less identified with your ideas is also associated with having many of them, discovering that most of them are no good, and trying to do the best you can with a few that are good,” says Kahneman.

Letting go of Ideas

There are plenty of ideas out there. Not all of them are the best idea… or even a good idea. Realizing that there is no shortage of ideas is key in helping us have an abundance mindset.

“I’ve never thought that ideas are rare,” Kahneman was quoted as saying. “If that idea isn’t any good, then there is another that’s going to be better.”

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There will always be better ideas

Kahneman uses this to help him stay detached from his ideas, so that when he gets proven wrong, he doesn’t take it personally. Instead can be excited since he knows that there is a new, better idea replacting it, and an even better one will replace that new idea later on.

Not prizing your own ideas too highly allows for an egoless exchange of ideas that powers everything from the scientific method to well run product backlog.

Let’s see if you can get some of those ideas you’ve been holding onto out of your head and onto paper to make way for better ones.

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